In the beginning there was food. Or maybe drinks. Doesn’t matter. What matters is, that foods and drinks are followed by a need. A need that inspired human’s creativity and handcraft all over the world, to serve the people with suitable places to worship.

As time goes by, the more important and unique these places of worship become. Rural tribes started with sharing one public whole and a simple beam to sit on all together. But latest since the Roman bathing culture, the more these places of worship are evolving into thrones. And the ever more personalized they get, the more integrated they are and the more they offer also the more time we spent in them.

Nowadays, in industrialized civilizations, most people have their own little throne at home. Also public places often offer some thrones for a spontaneous act of worship. Modern thrones usually are surrounded by bathroom facilities and washing possibilities. In average people spent there between 30 minutes and 90 minutes each day. Some people die in there, others give birth. Since the third millennium, there is a World Toilet Organization. And a World Toilet Day. No wonder, in contemporary popular dating platforms we see a bunch of selfies and mirror shots taken in bathrooms. Showing and offering your throne gets an intimate act to attract possible partners.

However, in contrast we rarely appreciate the global culture or even the pure existence of our thrones. We usually not talk about them or even feel ashamed about it. Imagine, how many adventures are hidden there, how many stories untold…? This page is trying to change this. This page is dedicated to our

World of Thrones!

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What does that mean? World of Thrones loves to show you the most beautiful thrones around the globe. But sometimes, for very good reasons, photos are not welcome. World of Thrones totally respects this by not delivering the location of a picture in this case (in safe, public spaces, you always find a link to OpenStreetMap to find the location of a throne). However, if you still encounter a picture you think is inappropriate, please get in contact.

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